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Our's is a leading trading and importing company of chemicals in India (Delhi) for the last 27 years, haivng direct marketing network all over India.


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Product Name General Grade Packaging
Aerosil-200 (Degussa) Light weight filter for various pharma &
Tech/USP Grade 10 Kg. Paper Bag
Citric Acid BP/USP Sweeteners for Pharma & food base USP/Food Grade 25 Kg. HDPE Bag
Iso Propyl Alcohol Industrial solvent for versatile applications Industrial Grade 160 Kg. Drum/Tanker
Methylene Chloride Industrial solvent for versatile applications Industrial Grade 250/270 Kg. M.S. Drums
Sodium Gluconate White free flowing powder Pharma/Food / Industrial Grade 25 Kg/Bag/Drum
Methyl Paraben Preserative for Pharma & Cosmetic preparations I.P. Grade 20 Kg. HDPE Bag
P.E.G. 200/400/600/4000 /6000 A speciality glycol for various applications Pharma Grade 230 Kg. HDPE Drum /25 Kg. Bag
Propyl Paraben Preserative for Pharma
and Cosmetic preparations
I.P. Grade 20 Kg. HDPE Bag
Sorbitol 70% I.P. Base for Food/Pharma
/Cosmetic products
I.P. / Food 300 Kg. HDPE Drums
Talcum Powder Filler and base for
Pharma & Cosmetics
I.P./Tech. Grade 50 Kg. HDPE Bag
Glycerine I.P.

Syrup base for Pharmaceuticals

& other Industrial area

I.W./CP/IP/USP Grade 250 Kg. HDPE Drum
Maize Starch IP/Ind.

Filler for Various Food
/Pharma Preparations

Industrial/I.P. 25/50 Kg./HDPE Bag
Lactose Prescription drugs as a filler or coating IP & Industries 25 Kg Bag
Phosphoric Acid A mineral (inorganic) acid having the chemical formula H3PO4 Industries 50 kg Jar
Propylene Glycol

All purpose propylene series solvent

forvarious applications

215 Kg. M.S. Drum